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Karol's journey into the connection of mind, body, spirit and physical culture began over thirty years ago when discovering a passion for fitness and exercise at a very young age.

Athleticism and fitness ran in the family as   Karol's grandfather Karol Sr., was a world champion wrestler as well as the first model for the original Superman cartoons in the 1930s.

In his early teens a healthy curiosity soon led to an old school  pumping iron gym hidden in a local neighborhood. No frill's was an understatement, basic equipment, loud music, dust, sweat, iron, and testosterone rounded out this primitive environment. Quickly hooked, Karol found himself spending more and more time there after school and during summers. This eventually led to the owner letting him work off his dues by assisting with other members and helping in the gyms overal daily activites.

This time was a major turning point as the hours spent at this new home were also chances to observe and pick the brains of the more experienced gym members. The informal education paid off to a point that by his mid teens power lifts were being performed at a state level for his age group. Training and discipline combined with a healthy dose of genetics made it easy to max out the U.S. Army physical fitness test and pass through basic, advanced training, and airborne school while still 17 years of age.

These experiences led down the personal training path. Encouragement was also given to help other soldiers in the base gym in order to maintain mandatory fitness levels. Exposure to martial arts, yoga, and other disciplines  took Karol down the path of exploring the connection of the mind, body and spirit.

Training at a Martial Arts School in the Pacific Northwest led to experience in fitness management, designing programs for Martial arts, Self-Defense, and Yoga based stretching. Interaction with clients and students from a variety of backgrounds and age groups always provided a continual chance for learning and growth.  By combining resistance exercise with martial arts and yoga a different kind of balance started to evolve.

Over the past several decades this search for knowledge and learning has led to training and studies at a variety of schools and camps in the in the U.S. and around the world. Holistic healing, body work, yoga and meditation added balance to the ever evolving martial arts and fitness studies. Education gained has extended through cultures as well as geographical regions and has been a continuous and evolving journey.

Experiences in martial arts and yoga were gained in various areas of India and the Himilayan Mountains. Immersion into silent meditation studies soon followed in Buddhist temples.

Lumps bruises and more learning experiences have been found studying indigenous martial arts in various parts of Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Training in western massage modalities combined with traditional forms of body work and healing learned in Asia and Polynesia have led to a balance of blending the healing arts with the martial, physical and spiritual. 

Karol's training eventually led to certifications as a personal fitness trainer under numerous organizations, as well as earning state and national accreditation as a licensed massage therapist and registered yoga teacher. Corrective exercise programs, medical massage and body work have evolved as direct result of thes experiences.

With no better teacher than experience gained first hand. A variety of challenges have been undertaken, ranging from trekking through the Himalayas, competing in triathlons, off road races, marathons and various martial arts competitions. Using the body in a variety of ways and challenging the mind and spirit continue to be a constant and intriguing area of study and practice. 


The accumulation of Karol's education and experience has led him to work with clients on a variety of levels from individuals to entire famalies or even coporations. Depending on the client or location this has led to multiple duties from that of trainer and massage therapist to personal assistant or personal security. 

Karol considers himself very blessed to have a life which enables him to continue learning and interacting with people from all backgrounds on a positive. It is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


 Certifications and Experience:

Note: Knowledge is often accumulated through time, tests, and experiences...this is a brief list of such things. It is "always good to remain forever the student and keep learning and expanding as a human being, teacher, and student...." We should only quit learning when we cease to exist....


Taught classes and developed programs for Tai-chi, kickboxing, self defense, weapons based arts, fitness, yoga, and personal improvement for over the past two and half decades.

Traveled with clients stateside and abroad while conducting and performing duties as a trainer, massage therapist and personal security.

Worked and provided treatment and programs internationally in health and wellness  for individuals and large groups.

Personal Assistant / Security and massage therapist to Mick Fleetwood during Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed World Tour from 2008 through 2010.



Meditation and mind body studies:

Studied meditation and Eastern thought in Monasteries and Ashrams throughout Asia and India.

College course work in psychology and human relations.

Various workshops and seminars in personal improvement and alternative thought.


Sports Medicine:

N.A.S.M. National Academy of Sports Medicine / Personal Fitness Trainer

A.C.E. American Council on Exercise / Personal Trainer

Created integrated and functional training programs incorporating martial arts, yoga and various other disciplines.


Yoga Studies:

500 hour RYT and 200 hour ERYT teacher certification through Yoga Alliance.

500 hour teacher training completed with Maui Hot Yoga and Kickboxing.

Agama Yoga Institute, Rishikesh, India.

Instructor Yoga Fit Training systems

Yoga Director at Atmanjai Detox and wellness in Phuket Thailand


Massage Therapy, Holistic Healing:

Certification and Licensing as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker Nationally and in the state of Hawaii.

Thai Massage Training — International Thai Massage Institute ITM, and Lek chaiaya Nerve Touch Massage School in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Advanced Lomi Lomi Massage with Kumu Karen Carroll — Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, Hawaii

Certified and trained in Malaysian Healing Massage.

Usui Reiki — 1st and 2nd Level

Program supervisor, yoga director and alternative healing therapist at Atmanjai Detox & Wellness in Phuket Thailand.


Martial Arts Certifications and Experience:

Awarded the title of Pendekar "Instructor" In Silat Tua and Kuntao,  From Persatuan Silat Tua, Pulau Pinang and the country of Malaysia


Studied with Grandmaster Ciraco Canet'e at Doce Pares Headquarters in Cebu City, Philippines


Personally award the rank of Sixth Degree / Master Certification in Eskrima, Eskrido, and Pangumot from Grandmaster Canet'e.

5th Degree black belt: Filipino Academy of Martial Arts: Kali, Pangamot and Silat, under Grandmaster Chris Petrelli

2nd Grade Black Belt / Full Instructor: Professional Martial Arts Association: Wu Ying Tao Karate and Kung-Fu, Master Rick Johnson

Thai Boxing studies: Chaing Mai Thailand, Pattaya Thailand, Phuket Thailand.

Full instructor Edmonds Martial Arts Academy: Pencak Silat, Kuntao, Eskrima, Wing Chun Blend.

Rank of Guru Muda in Amerindo Self Defense Systems: in the Indonesian Arts of Pencak Silat Pukulon and Mustika Kwitang' Guru Besar Jim Ingram

Wun Hop Keun Do / Kajukenbo: Green Sash, Sifu Al Dacascos

Tai Chi studies from 1998 to present Mr. Jim Ingram and others throughout the years. Instructor for Tai-Chi classes at Skyline and Alexandria Sport and health clubs in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

Studies in boxing and kickboxing with World Champion James Onnikian.

Evolving research and development in South East Asian Integrated Combative arts.


Other influences and teachers:

Dan Inosanto: Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Silat, workshops and seminars

Sifu Burton Richardson: JKD Unlimited

Professor Chris Nardi: Grappling, Gracie Ju Jitsu

Too many others to mention... it's always good to learn from everyone...and keep a beginners mind... 


Teaching and instructional experience gained in the areas of personnel exercise, yoga, and martial arts. These have included a wide spectrum of clients ranging from military special operations personel, law enforcement, to general populations such as children, young adults, and senior citizens.

These programs can range from fitness and weight loss, personal protection,  stress reduction or customized programs depending on a person or groups individual needs.



Personal Security for Mick Fleetwood during Fleetwood Macs 2009 Unleashed World Tour

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts / Protective Security Operations

The Educational Institute of American Hotel and Lodging Association / Lodging and Hotel Security Operations

Security and loss prevention for Ritz Carlton Hotel, Kapalua Maui Hawaii




Update January 2016

Currently in S.E. Asia for further research and development of programs.

Please contact for further information regarding current services and availability.