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What is a shugyo?

Shugyo is a concept more than an actual event. Some martial arts schools organize certain days or events they call “Shugyo Training” This refers to taking the mind, body and spirit beyond limitations through extreme martial training.  It implies exploring a place you didn’t know you were capable of  and exceding previous limitations on all levels.

Though this can be a central theme, the concept of being on a Shugyo means much more than that. It the practive of exlploration, personl growth and discipline that can be incorporated into many things. It's going beyond what you think you can normally do and testing yourself. This doesnt necesarily have to be in the area martial arts, a marathon or a physical discipline. It can be a quest or journey in the area of medicine, art, or disciplining the mind.  It’s a philosophy or tool for testing yourself and going past what you normally do in the areas of personal growth and self improvement.  “Your own personal life’s journey.”

Different exercises incorporating the mind, body and spirit can aid us in this endeavor. Things such as martial arts, yoga, physical fitness and meditation help unify the mind, body and spirit on several planes. We improve or focus and enhance our ability to manifest energy on an internal level as well as an external one. Through this application and practice we learn maintain a mind full state in all our daily activities which reduces stress and adds to a greater appreciation for the present moment. This practice encourages the mind to stay clear, connected and for many it provides  to provide a less stressfull  and better quality of life.

Our purpose is to offer a service which offers the opportunity to integrate these concepts and modalities to your benefit. We do this with a blend of yoga, martial arts, meditation / visualizatoin,  alternative healing arts or your own personal health and fitness programs applied to you as an individual.  Exercise programs  which combine massage, corrective yoga therapy and strenghtening can help in the physical rehabilitation process or helping those trying to achieve better postural and structural alignment.  Environmental training combined with flexiblity and body weight exercise are extremly fun and highly encouraged as well.

There are no demographic or age limitations in these modalities so people from all walks of life can mutually benefit.

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Your's in health, happiness and mindfullness.

Karol Krauser