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Karol Krauser
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Services & Offerings

Breaking the pain cycle and restoring natural range of motion.

Integrated Bodywork specializing in:

  • Breaking the pain cycle and resoring natural range of motion
  • Pain relief / Energetic Healing
  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
  • Corrective range of motion therapy.
  • Postural Balance

 Sessions are developed from over 25 years of combined experience using different therapeutic techniques from medical and traditional massage, exercise science, yoga, and martial arts.  

Specific knowledge in massage combined with corrective exercise, injury rehab, assisted stretching and energy work has led to a successful practice in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Experience:  Karol background is quite varied and his practice has taken him to working in wellness centers and retreats throughout the world. He has also specialized in travelling with clients as well as their families while actively travelling for business or on holiday.

In addition to being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Karol is also a personal fitness trainer specializing in functional and corrective exercise, a yoga instructor and a teacher of martial arts.

These things lend to a deep understanding of good postural alignment, the importance of a regular stretching routine and also the unity of body, mind, spirit; breath awareness and stillness.


Specific sessions can also be designed for.

  • Personal fitness training, yoga and martial arts sessions.
  • Specific bodywork utilizing.
  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
  • Energy work
  • Thai massage
  • Malaysian healing massage


We are currently adding more information about our various services including but not limited to:

 "Personalized programs"

Personalized Fitness Training

Massage Therapy

Martial Fitness


Martial Arts

Self Defense

Stress Reduction

Personal Assistant and Travel

Personal and Executive Security

Individual and group programs available

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