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Karol Krauser
Thailand +66853385516 / 0853385516

Dr. Colleen A. Kennedy

Annandale, VA

From the beginning I have been impressed with Karol's Professionalism. He is creative in designing his work-out routines which guard against boredom for his clients while always being exceedingly careful to keep their personal safety and well being as a priority. He is extremely personable and is adept at dealing with all age groups and people from all different walks of life. He works easily with clients ranging from average physical specimens such as myself, to extremely talented athletes, military personal, or senior citizens. I would add also that he has a lively intelligence and excellent sense of humor which can often get one through those last couple of repetitions which might otherwise be impossible. April 2002


Marty Hom

Tour Manager, Fleetwood Mac

Karol was the personal assistant, massage therapist, and personal security for Mick Fleetwood on the recently completed Fleetwood Mac Unleashed Tour 2009. His ability to take initiative, follow direction and his attention to detail made him an incredible asset to Mick. His contributions, positive attitude and ability to get along with other people have made him a joy to work with. May 2010



Michael Massey

Director – Atmanjai Wellness Center

Phuket Thailand 

Karol was engaged during 2013-2014 as the program manager at Atmanjai Wellness Center. In addition to program and staffmanagement, Karol was also our yoga instructor as well as a well-regarded alternative healing therapist specializing in various massage therapy modalities and corrective exercise programs.

A unique background in health and wellness, the healing arts, as well as a broad range of martial arts provided Karol the necessary breadth and depth of experience and knowledge to best serve our clientele.

His relaxed and respectful personality made it easy for him to develop rapport and work with staff and clients from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Karol is well disciplined, well informed and prepared to respond independently and innovatively to challenges and opportunities and demonstrated a high standard of dedication to his work.

Aside from this, he consistently demonstrated excellent morals and ethics.

I believe Karol would be a great asset to any organization or individual that he might have the chance to work with.  


David Spivey

Executive Director Global Cider

I met Karol in the fall of 2013 at Atmanjai wellness center in Phuket, Thailand where he the program manager and yoga director. From our initial meeting I found Karol to be not only a consummate professional but also easily approachable and able to relate to people from all walks of life and cultures naturally and easil, both in individual and in group settings.

After my 7-day stay at Atmanaji I worked with Karol on a personal basis for 6+ months, utilizing his exercise and wellness background to set up individualized programs for myself. We took into account previous experience, my limitations and challenges, and he helped me in setting goals. We also did several sessions of bodywork to address some underlying muscular skeletal issues. Throughout this engagement Karol was attentive and very reliable; and a pleasure to work with providing energy and enthusiasm as well as coaching.

Karol is extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety areas: from yoga to fitness to massage to overall health and wellness. Most amazing is his ability to use these together and to design programs that fit individual needs.

Karol’s approach to these areas both educated and empowering me to set goals and achieve success in regards to my health and overall well-being. I highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity. October 2014


Major Ken McDonough USAF

Pentagon, Washington D.C.

I have studied martial arts for the last decade and have had several martial arts instructors in Korean, Japanese, and Filipino Arts. Therefore, I have a basis to compare various teachers.

Since working with Karol I have found him to be the consummate martial artist and teacher. He is an extremely patient, calm and knowledgeable instructor. He is able to understand that different students have various skills levels and learning abilities. He is able to adapt to these and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. I believe him to be one of the best instructors I have met and worked with. I highly recommend him to your program, class or students. June 2002



Thomas W. Weissmuller, Chief Trial Judge, (Ret.)

Yogi, 9th Degree Black Belt

My friend and training partner, Karol is a consummate yogi, martial artist, and therapist.  For over fifteen years, I have known Karol to be a highly dedicated, well rounded, and passionate practitioner of the eastern arts.  He excels in the tactical and combative arts, offering comprehensive instruction in traditional styles, personal protection, awareness, and self-defense.  He can “roll” with the best of them in eskrima, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts.  He has mastered several empty-hand and weapon styles; his conditioning is unmatched. Karol is always respectful, naturally humble, and kind, weather he is guiding students through daily yoga practice, bag work or blade defenses.  On the healing side, Karol is attentive and nurturing, seeking first to understand the ailment before he assists clients on the path to wellness.  If you have the opportunity to work with Karol, please do, for he will enrich your life. I offer my highest recommendation.  Sept 2012



Master Rick Johnson

President / CEO Universal Martial Arts Inc.

I have known Karol for the past twenty-five years since he first became a student of mine at my martial arts school in 1985. Shortly thereafter he became one of our instructors as well as the marketing and sales manager. During this time I was able to watch him conduct classes and interact with individuals from young children to adults in there advanced years. At that time it was already obvious that Karol was quite natural at working with a variety of people in varying situations

Since then I have observed him continue his studies in martial arts, the healing arts, sports medicine, and various aspects of security and personal protection. These studies and experiences have taken him to different areas of the world and led him to achieve rank or certification in several martial arts systems as well as licensing as a personal trainer and massage therapist. I have also consulted with Karol and used his services for myself and referred him to other clients as needed. His varied education and life experiences have led him work with a variety of clients ranging from politicians, military personnel, to celebrities and entertainers while touring.

I highly recommend Karol for he has a unique combination of skills and experiences. I believe that Karol would be a great asset to whomever he might work with.



Marjo Selin

Owner / Vice President

REPS Training Center

Maui, Hawaii

I have known Karol since January 2007. I and my husband Hannu Selin were looking for new fitness professionals for contracted work at REPS Training Center, an exclusive personal training studio that we founded on Maui in 1995.

Karol can relate to people in many ways and on many levels. In a very short time he showed us that he was hard-working and reliable as a trainer. He possessed the skill to work with our clients in caring and safe manner inspiring them to stay consistent and progressive with their program at REPS.

As a part of our team of contracted trainers, Karol's work ethic and loyalty are commendable. His extensive background in martial arts allowed him to provide some of our clients' new variety in their exercise regime. As a trainer, he is motivating and encouraging, goal-oriented, caring and conscientious, and fun.

I highly recommend Karol to any profession he decides to take. He is a well-informed and responsible person who is prepared to respond independently and innovatively to challenges and opportunities. All of us at REPS wish him the best in his life. January 2009



Robert Monteiro L.M.T.

Head Therapist Kapalua Spa

Kapalua, Maui

As the lead therapist at Kapalua Spa in Maui I have been exposed to and taught many different modalities of massage. I have also been able observe and work with a wide variety of therapists throughout my career.

Karol draws from a vast array of experiences in his massage practice. I know that his education started several decades prior when being introduced to various massage and restorative techniques from his martial arts studies. He has continued to seek and study with teachers both here and abroad to enhance his education and expand his scope of practice. I myself travelled with him to Asia for further education in 2007.

Karol's knowledge base comes from a unique background, as he also has history as a competitive athlete, personal trainer, and martial arts instructor / practitioner. I believe this background gives him a way of addressing things from a sports medicine point of view as well as a holistic and alternative one. I myself have used Karol and referred him as an instructor, trainer, and massage therapist.

This diversity has led him to have a myriad of clients ranging from athletes and performers, various executives, and professional entertainers. He has been on tour for Mick Fleetwood with Fleetwood Mac over this past year as his personal massage therapist as well as his personal assistant and security. I know that he has also travelled stateside and abroad for other clients as a massage therapist as well as other roles. Feb. 2013



Karen William

Wailea, Hawaii

Karol Krauser has been my personal trainer for the past 2 years.  My training sessions, which were three times a week, consisted of kick boxing and weight training.  Karol introduced me to and trained me in the sport of kick boxing.  I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with him. 

In my opinion Karol is the perfect personal trainer.  He is always on time and ready to deliver a motivating and intense workout.  I always looked forward to my workout sessions with him; which in itself is quite a feat because working out three times a week can get monotonous.  He is always cheerful, supportive and encouraging.  He is highly respected by his co-workers and is always willing to help in any way that he can.  He is very well organized and flexible.

I was extremely sorry to lose him as my personal trainer, but we have become good friends and I wish him all the best.

January 2009



Peggy Yeates

I.T. Director Tulare County CA

I first became acquainted with Karol in 1988 while studying Martial Arts in Portland Oregon. During this time I started using Karol as a personal trainer as well as an instructor for myself as well as several family members. Karol's interaction with people of all age groups and backgrounds was amazing. Even then he demonstrated a great deal of patience and creativity in all his undertakings with clients and students.

Since then I know that he has constantly strove to expand his knowledge and growth in chosen fields. I know that several of his studies have taken him to various places in India, Asia, and various other parts of the world to further his education. He has also continued to attain several more black belts and instructors' certification in other systems. In keeping in balance he has also studied various healing arts and earned accreditation as a nationally certified massage therapist.

In February of 2003 Karol flew down from his home in Seattle to help me with a chronic back injury. He took and incredible amount of time just getting to know what my injuries where and how they effected my day to day activity. After three weeks of working together not only was I able to get out of my truck without being in agony, but I was in the gym doing things that I never thought I would do again. With Karol's diverse background, he was able to incorporate exercises and modalities from Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditation, and various forms of massage to aid in my recovery. I believe the combination of sports medicine, mind body exercises, and outdoor activities contributed greatly to my recovery. My recovery was made not only at the physical level but mental and spiritual as well.

I have continued to maintain a relationship with Karol and have used his services when travelling with my family not only as a therapist and trainer but also for safety reasons. He has flown to California several times to work with me as well as my travelling to Hawaii where he now resides.

Karol takes most of his accomplishments lightly and forever remains the student realizing that there is always more to learn. I find this attitude extremely refreshing. If you need someone who is energetic, flexible, and very adaptable to any given situation I highly recommend Karol.



Donna Karnofsky V.P.

Del Paso Pipe & Steel Inc.

Sacramento, CA.

I have been working with Karol since 2005 as personal trainer, massage therapist, and martial arts instructor. I feel as if it has been very beneficial to have these combined skills and experiences to address my various needs.

Karol brings a great deal of variety to his exercise and training programs. He understand the components of fitness well enough to able to utilize them in a myriad of activities from working in the gym, ocean activities, outdoor hike and running as well and martial arts or yoga based exercise and instruction.

I have used Karol's services while travelling with him in over half a dozen gyms in both the United States and overseas. He is very flexible in his programs and I have observed his ability to implement training routines in a variety of situations and environments from gyms here in California or Hawaii to small basic ones in other countries. I have also used his services as martial arts / self-defense instructor for other members of my family.

I have seen Karol interact with a broad variety of people and have always observed him to be very sincere, flexible, and respectful in his dealing with others. I think he would be an asset to any programs he chooses to become involved with and highly recommend him without reservation.



Melissa Kingdon

New York, New York

I feel confident in recommending Mr. Karol Krauser. He is very capable of assisting anyone in changing their life. He has constantly and consistently worked on perfecting his ability to try and heal his clients through a combination of personal training, integrated movements, and massage therapy.

I have been one of his clients for 3 + years. He has been a constant reminder of hope for me. I have degenerative disc disease and have had many life changing limitations challenge my daily movement. Karol is conscious of my physical limitations and adapts movements around them. He mixes physical therapy movements with massage and various martial arts and yoga techniques to help in my improvement. While living in Maui I used Karol's services as a personal trainer as well as a massage therapist.

In 2006 he traveled with me to several locations in the East Coast as well as the island of Kauai. He assisted me in my travel needs as well as paying attention to my personal safety and well being. When working with clients away from home I found Karol to be extremely attentive and intuitive to his client's needs and comforts.

Anyone who has very felt trapped by their own body because of an ailment or disability truly knows how important it is for your soul to have a door reopened. I feel that Karol is someone who has the ability to open the door to a more complete life.